The Seven Wonders Of The World: The Great Wall Of China


The world is like a book while traveling round the world is like opening every page of the book. Traveling around the world is an adventure which every one finds interesting and hope to experience once in a while. Some pages of the book called world are written by God while some by man. The seven wonders of the world are some of the beautiful works of man. Exploring these historic and beautiful places in the world would make one fall in love with nature and mankind These places add meaning to life. The seven wonders of the world include The Great Pyramid of Giza, Necropolis, Egypt; Great wall of China China; Petra, Jordan;  The Colosseum, Rome, Italy; Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico; Machu Picchu, Cuzco, Peru; Taj Mahal, Agra,Uttar, Pradesh, India; Christ The Redeemer, Rio de Janeiro. The Great Wall of China is one of the wonders of this world which is pleasurable to behold. It is one of the most historic places on earth as well. Taking a hike or trek on the Great Wall makes you experience the beautiful and gives you the opportunity to watch the greatest and most historic wall of protection ever made by man. The Great Wall is made of bricks, earth, wood, stones among other materials. The wall covers the east to west line of the northern borders of China. The Wall was originally built to protect the Chinese from the invasions of nomadic groups including Eurasian Steppe.

The Great Wall of China is several walls built and then joined together and made bigger and more resistant. After a while, the great wall has been rebuilt and maintained to be a tourist destination and divided into sections. The Simatai section is the most widely visited for cable car cruise. The Gubeikou section to the Jinshanling section is usually trek by tourists. This makes them enjoy the wind and the woods in the beautiful, rough terrain. You should not for anything miss this trek when visiting the Great Wall. The trek lasts six hours and the tourist will also be taken to visit the Chinese military base. This trek is one of the most refreshing trek you experience as a tourist.




The trek which begins from Huangyaguan is an 80km trek which lasts for about three hours. The trek passes through the terraced farmland from the woodland and through to some rugged stone and patches in the path. A walk through this rejoin will forever remain in your memory. You will not be able to get the picture of the beautiful experience and picture out of your head. From this rejoin, it is just a three hours’ drive to the city of Beijing.

Taking a two-hour drive away from Beijing back into the woods is one of the best sections of the wall to visit. The Mutianyu section is about 70km northeast of Beijing. This section is surrounded by woodland and streams. One of the services that offer the biggest treats to tourists include Kandoo Adventures: High Altitude Trekking Experts

Visitors usually find it tough to hike on this section of the wall and rather, the use cable car. The walk is about one hour and it is one of the most beautiful place where you can take a bottle of expensive champagne and a guide to tell you more about the beautiful wall while you enjoy a glass.

Two and a half hours drive away from Beijing lands you in one of the most unvisited part of the wall, that is, the Jinshanling section of the wall. The section is located around the mountainous area of Luanping. The section which is 125km away from Beijing is connected to the Simatia section of the wall. The Jinshanling section is 10.5 km long with towers and beacons and passes. The section features partition walls, steep mountains and ornage.

Asides visiting the Great Wall, you could also take time to visit the surrounding villages. You can also camp in these villages for a couple of days. While picking out where to camp, it is advisable to pick a site where you will have a clear view of the wall. Camping in the surrounding villages has its own advantages. The surrounding villages have firsthand information about the wall. Camping at these villages will give you access to first hand history of the wall, you might even get to meet a descendant of one of the builders Camping at these villages will also give you the chance to experience the Chinese culture. You get to see the cultural values of the Chinese people and feel their rich hospitality. You will have the opportunity to admire the natives’ way of life as contrast to the way of life of the industrial city.


You will have a chance to learn a few phrases of the Chinese language and also have the pleasure of enjoying the rich native Chinese delicacies. You can be rest assured that when you visit these villages, you will be warmly welcomed and treated well. The camping also gives you the needed rest from the hikes and trips. You will have enough time to relax and also r-eenergize in the Chinese way. It is also not a bad idea to enjoy the Chinese all-purpose tea and their healing tea. For a lover of martial art, you get to experience and learn from the natives. The Beijing Tower is another place you should visit. The tower which is the tallest structure in the city is 781 ft tall. The construction of the wall started in the year 1987 and was completed in 1992. The bricks of the wall are stamped with the dates on which they are actually laid.

With different seasons, the scenery of the wall changes, as a result, photographers take different pictures of the wall at different seasons. The feel and view of one season is different from the view of another season. It is advisable to visit the wall during summer and winter as these gives the best view of the great wall. Visiting around September and October Will give you a fresh, refreshing and sunny view of the wall. It is important to take along water and snack as you hike because the hike can take about 3 hours or more. You should also take along extra clothe to cover because of the variation in weather condition during the day and night.